Demographic change is resulting in an increasing proportion of the population comprising people aged 55 and over. Their professional activity is increasingly at the risk of individual entrepreneurship that is self-employment. The second type of risk that older workers face is environmental risk. Its dimension is sustainable activities in the economic sphere. This is due to the need to change the current way of managing to one that is aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources, producing less waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or levelling social inequalities. Socio-economic development at the local level increasingly includes support for micro-companies that will take action for sustainable development. The Voivodship Labour Office in Lodz has held a competition of applications for people deciding to start an independent business. Applicants for the period July 2020-January 2022 included people over 55 who were planning sustainable activities such as creating green products and environmental friendly processes, reviewing actions harmful to the environment. The aim of the study is to provide examples of entering into pro-environmental behaviours in relation to self-employment of older people. To determine the extent to which people over 55 engage in self-employment with a focus on environmental aspects (quantitative study) and to define their eagerness to engage in pro-environmental activities, environmental consciousness and green self-efficacy of older entrepreneurs in lodzkie region (qualitative studies).