Young Sociology Forum

Forum Młodej Socjologii

(to be held in English, in a hybrid mode)

18th Congress of Polish Sociological Association

(Polish: Forum Młodej Socjologii na XVIII Ogólnopolskim Zjeździe Socjologicznym)

In collaboration with The Ukrainian House in Warsaw

Participation for PhD Students is OPEN, free of charge and requires no pre-registration.

Two time slots, venue (SGGW Warsaw University of Life Sciences,

  • 14.09. (Wednesday) 16:15-17:45
  • 15.09 (Thursday) 18:00-19:30

Links for online participation via zoom:

14.09 (Wednesday): Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 740 7547 9268
Passcode: 79hKBP

15.09 (Thursday): Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 771 2661 9227
Passcode: wT9ESG


  • Integration of the community of PhD students as well as young assistant professors, post-docs in the discipline of sociology;
  • Sharing know-how, know-who, know-what, know-when in the field of publishing research results from the doctorate and planning a research career in the academy and beyond;
  • Stimulating reflexivity and cross-subjectivity in thinking about being a researcher in society;
  • Embedding Ukrainian young scholars (PhD Students and Post-docs) throughout.

1st SLOT, September 14th, Wednesday 16:15-17:45

What, how and when to publish from a doctoral dissertation and new publishing opportunities, Moderator: Prof. Dr. Izabela Grabowska, Kozminski University

  1. Welcome and introduction,
    Prof. Izabela Grabowska and Ms Ivanna Kyliushyk, representative of PhD Students and Coordinator of the Ukrainian House in Warsaw (confirmed)
  2. Where social science meets data science,
    Prof. Dr. Adam Wierzbicki, Vice-Rector of Polish-Japanese of Academy of Information Technology (confirmed)
  3. Processes of application, submission, and revision; journal or book publications,
    Ms Esther Otten, Editor of Social Science Journal Program, Springer (confirmed)
  4. Presentation of the thematic journal VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (Springer Nature),
    Prof. Galia Chimiak, Co-Editor-in-Chief (confirmed)
  5. Discussion and Q&A

Points to be discussed:

  • Publishing state-of-the art articles
  • Publishing initial research findings
  • Publishing on the junction between data science and social sciences
  • How to select the proper journal to submit
  • Co-authorship with a supervisor
  • Publishing with a research team
  • PhD Dissertation-based monograph

2nd SLOT, September 15th Thursday 18:00-19:30

Planning and developing a research career in academia and beyond,
Moderator: Prof. Anna Sosnowska, University of Warsaw

  1. Welcome and Introduction. Scholarships for Polish and Ukrainian doctoral students and postdocs,
    Prof. Anna Sosnowska, University of Warsaw
  2. Career with PhD in academia and beyond,
    Prof. Dr. Izabela Grabowska, Kozminski University, former director of an interdisciplinary doctoral school
  3. Academic job fair for young scholars and informal networking
    (coordination Prof. Anna Sosnowska)

Points to be discussed:

  • 4 years of doctoral education – how to plan and go through them best;
  • Full time and part time of research careers
  • Well-being of doctoral candidates and young post-docs
  • Transitions from a doctoral candidate to post-doc
  • Being a researcher in a society (making social impact).


Prof. Dr. Izabela Grabowska, (day 1)
Prof. Anna Sosnowska, (day 2)


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