Dominik Batorski

Dominik Batorski is a sociologist and data scientist, who combines his scientific work at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computer Modelling (ICM) at the University of Warsaw with advisory, popularisation of science and business activities. Member of the Committee on Social Communication and Media Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Co-founder and Board Member at Sotrender, a company creating analytical tools and machine learning solutions for social media marketing. Scientifically, he studies social and economic changes related to the spread of information and communication technologies and the development of artificial intelligence. He animates a community of people working with data and machine learning – he has been organising Data Science Warsaw meetups since 2014; he heads the Programme Board of the Data Science Summit conference. 



Abstrakty wystąpień

The new divide. How artificial intelligence algorithms help some people become superhumans while amplifying the weaknesses of others

Algorithms and artificial intelligence applications are being used in a rapidly growing number of solutions. The impact of algorithms on social inequality is one of the most pressing issues to study in this regard. The majority of scholars are interested in issues of algorithm fairness and bias. Few researchers pay attention to the stratification resulting from different people using different algorithms. However, the differences between algorithms are vast, some working in the user’s favor, others exploiting the user’s weaknesses. In this talk, I will show the divide and inequality resulting from these differences. I will demonstrate how to study algorithms, avoid the risks associated with the development of artificial intelligence, and the consequences for what sort of algorithm control we need as a society.

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